Weekly meal plan

Oct 31 2021


It is officially the beginning of the Holiday Season. I am starting to plan my Thanksgiving feast and dreaming about all the yummy desserts I will bake... I will share every week some easy sides, drinks and sweets that would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! Check the most popular recipe section from the blog and you'll see all of them:)

Monday: Winter minestrone.  I have not make minestrone soup in a while so this will be right on point. I have a couple of  versions on the blog but am tweaking it a bit here. I will add some butternut squash and other seasonal veggies. I might also make some ricotta bruschetta just for fun!

Tuesday: Chicken with orzo and veggies.  I made a similar version of this a while ago with corn. I just need to adapt with other veggies and maybe even frozen ones. I will be sure to share the updated version but if you cannot wait, you start with the orzo summer version from the blog.

Wednesday: Buffalo meatballs.  This is a really easy, delicious and new recipe!!! I will share on my stories as I make them and am very excited about this one!!

Thursday: Pumpkin risotto. I haven't made these in ages and I know it is one of blog's staple... Plus it is so easy to make! You can always sub the veggies really easily, add mushrooms or make it with peas or plain, I mean it is hard to go wrong here.

Friday: Honey garlic shrimps and grits. I am getting a traditional southern dish here and giving it a serious twist.... Hopefully it will turn out as good as I am hoping. Shrimps are simply sauté with lots of garlic and I finish with 2 tbsp of honey and chili flakes. The grits will be a traditional recipe.

Saturday: Pesto flank steak. I almost never eat red meat anymore, but I have the boys who need it and request it a lot. Since it has been a while, I though I would do it for them. I might make extra veggies so I can have options.

Sunday: Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and burrata. I love this recipe. You can always make the spaghetti squash ahead of time and use store bought sauce for a speedy and low kea dinner, which is exactly what I intend to do.


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