Weekly meal plan

Nov 15 2020


With thanksgiving coming up next week I know that we will eat too much and indulge more than usual, which is part of the fun of the holidays right....
So for this week I need to plan light and super healthy meals.... just to balance it out....

Monday is soup night as usual,  kale and white bean soup. I think I might add more veggies like some zucchini and maybe some butternut squash as well. The more loaded vegetables I have to start off the week the better!

Tuesday is a sesame honey chicken sheet pan dinner with broccoli. This recipe will be somewhere along the lines of this sheet pan dinner  but more with a sauce like the shrimps I made yesterday (honey garlic).

Wednesday spinach soufflé with a little gems salad. I am keeping it simple tonight and light and I know my kids love these soufflés!

Thursday pumpkin turkey meatloaf (just to get in the spirit for next week) with roasted maple veggies. I am feeling festive but need to keep it easy for a few days before the tons of cooking that will happen over here. This has all the flavors but is super simple and fast to assemble! The veggies can go any way you want, you can adapt and take away some of them or even add more if you want.

Friday Thai inspired fish stew. I think this recipe is going to be a good start but I already know how I am going to simplify it and adapt it my taste. Bok choy will go in there, no potatoes (or maybe sweet potatoes). I might serve it with glass noodles or simply rice. Stay tuned for details to come!

Saturday butternut squash and spinach lasagna, I love squash and have been wanting to do something like this for a while. I am going to slice the squash (not purée) and I will use store bought tomato sauce and frozen spinach, to make this faster. My cheese mix will be a combination of ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella..... I will share the details as I make it. In the meantime I have a very good pumpkin lasagna on the blog!

Sunday: Jessica Seinfeld eggplant and cauliflower meatballs from Goop. I might prepare them a few days ahead of time since I like to take it easy on Sunday. I will keep them in the fridge or even maybe freezer (depending on when I make them)

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