Weekly meal plan

Nov 20 2022


It's Thanksgiving week!!!!  It's a different year this time since I am not cooking but I am still sharing what I would normally do hoping that it will help some of you.

Monday is soup night as usual, butternut squash soup. I will make some croutons because my kids love the added crunch... I like adding toasted cashews and crispy quinoa!

Tuesday: Chicken sausage, pasta eggplant bake. This is a one dish pan and I am using store bought tomato sauce to keep it easy. The moment I mention pasta for dinner I hear screams of joy from my kids.... They don't even care that I load it with veggies!!! It is always a question of finding the right balance between what I want for them and what they want to eat!

Wednesday Kale salad with grilled salmon. I would keeping it simple tonight and light. This salad is super fresh and simply grilling some salmon and adding in on top. I don't want to make chicken since we will be eating turkey every ay after...

Thursday Thanksgiving feast!!!  Dinner will be a turkey, carrot soufflé and endives salad with a chestnut puree (all from my cookbook). This kale salad is also delicious and easy Corn bread, sausage and fennel stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy! Pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie and a pine nut tart as well as a frangipane pear tart (that my mom makes).

Friday Leftover day! Which in my mind might even be the best part! I think stuffing waffles with turkey and a fried egg on top! I made that last year and it was a hit with everyone!

Saturday Leftover fried rice. I have't made something like this with Thanksgiving leftovers but why not?

Sunday: Turkey soup. I don't make my stock very often but the day after thanksgiving , it is always a must!!! I might add more veggies and possibly some noodles for the kids.  I think we'll be literally stuffed by Sunday (no pun intended :). Maybe this chicken soup recipe attached would be a great inspiration and I will post whatever adaptation I make.

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