Weekly meal plan

Nov 21 2021


It's Thanksgiving week!!!!  Since I know that we will eat too much and indulge quite a bit on Thursday, I will prepare light and veggies loaded meals the days leading up to it... Plus I will be cooking and baking so much food for the feast that I need to keep it low key before that so I don't burn out...

I am not American and have only been celebrating this Holiday since we moved here 10 years ago, but I have to say it is my second favorite after Christmas... The best part is all the delicious food I get to make! It makes me super happy just thinking about it... I already started today and made my apple sauce and cranberry sauce. Tomorrow I will make my pie dough. Tuesday will be mash potatoes, and cutting and prepping the veggies and lettuces. Wednesday is all about desserts... Obviously Thursday is the bird and all the finishing touches!

Monday is soup night as usual, butternut squash soup. I will make some croutons because my kids love the added crunch... I like adding toasted cashews and crispy quinoa!

Tuesday: Chicken sausage, pasta eggplant bake. This is a one dish pan and I am using store bought tomato sauce to keep it easy. The moment I mention pasta for dinner I hear screams of joy from my kids.... They don't even care that I load it with veggies!!! It is always a question of finding the right balance between what I want for them and what they want to eat!

Wednesday Kale salad with grilled salmon. I am keeping it simple tonight and light. This salad is super fresh and simply grilling some salmon and adding in on top. I don't want to make chicken since we will be eating turkey every ay after...

Thursday Thanksgiving feast!!!  Dinner will be a turkey, carrot soufflé and endives salad with a chestnut puree (all from my cookbook). Corn bread, sausage and fennel stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy! Pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie and a pine nut tart as well as a pear tart (that my mom makes).

Friday Leftover day! Which in my mind might even be the best part! I think stuffing waffles with turkey and a fried egg on top! I made that last year and it was a hit with everyone!

Saturday Leftover fried rice. I have't made something like this with Thanksgiving leftovers but why not?

Sunday: Turkey soup. I don't make my stock very often but the day after thanksgiving , it is always a must!!! I might add more veggies and possibly some noodles for the kids.  I think we'll be literally stuffed by Sunday (no pun intended :). Maybe this chicken soup recipe attached would be a great inspiration and I will post whatever adaptation I make.

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