Weekly meal plan

Nov 27 2022


I can't believe Thanksgiving is over already! We are on our way back home, super jet lagged but full of great memories.  This week since I am so tired I will prepare light meals to recover...

Monday Tortilla soup.  I am combining Taco Tuesday and Monday night soup. Cheese and avocado quesadillas as well for kiddos and all the yummy toppings for me ( avocados, Sietes tortilla chips, sour cream and cheese)

Tuesday: Chicken and veggies lettuce cups. I am keeping it simple tonight and light. This DIY kind of dinner is really easy. I will make some green rice and add edamame and also some kale cauliflower rice as well (which is simply finely chopped kale sautéd together with the caulirice).

Wednesday: It is my husband birthday so I making his favorite food.  Dover sole, with cauliflower and celery root purée and petites peas and carrots.... The purée is really easy to make: peel, chop and boil the veggies, transfer to food processor until smooth, with olive oil some salt and pepper. For the peas and carrots , I will sauté the peas with green onions and olive oil and roast the carrots for 20-25 minute at 400F.

Thursday Tomato spaghetti squash with burrata, and also regular pasta as well for options. Sometimes the kids just want regular pasta so I might do both, since I am using good quality store bought tomato sauce, this is relatively easy. The burrata really adds a layer of creaminess and deliciousness!

Friday Lazy pesto salmon with fall slaw and grilled broccolinis. The salmon here is super easy, I might cook it as recipe attached but just with the pesto, no veggies. It will pair nicely with the salad and my kids always love roasted broccolini (which I toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and cook in the oven for 20-25 min at 400F).

Saturday Roasted veggies farro salad with chickpea and tofu cubes. I just feel like making a loaded veggies meal, which is perfect here, maybe some crispy chickpeas and/or tofu with it, to add some proteins!

Sunday: Mushroom feta tart with the Bouchon salad. Perfect for an easy Sunday night dinner!

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