Weekly meal plan

Dec 6 2020


December is here..... Which is hard to believe since the weather is still so nice here in sunny Los Angeles! Trying to focus on the positive and forget that we are going again into stay at home/lockdown ( however they want to call it!) I don't know about you but cooking and baking helps me relax and forget about stress... Whatever works!!!!

Monday: Cauliflower chestnut soup. This is a new one that I will post tomorrow. It is simply adding chestnuts to my basic cauliflower soup recipe. I will make some cute  little puff pastry croutons with flaky salt for fun!!! That will be my upcoming post and stories during the day, stay tuned.

Tuesday: Chicken tacos bowls. My kids love tacos but my husband does not, I find that when I turn it into bowls, it is a happy medium and everyone enjoys it!! I like this taco bowl recipe but will tune it for sure as I always do and post later on. This is clean and easy and a good starting point!

Wednesday: Spaghetti Carbonara. This is the night that I put my husband at work in the kitchen. It is his specialty and the kids will not eat it if not prepared by him. I love this because I get to relax and drink a glass of red wine and chat with him while he cooks!!!! I cannot believe that I have never posted this!!! I will take a picture and share, but this is the recipe he bases it on!

Thursday Chicken meatloaf with dijon maple roasted veggies and sweet potato latkes. The chicken meatloaf is the same as my turkey recipe from the blog. Just change the meat. I will post updated version once I make it!! The sweet potato latkes are an experiment that I will share as I make them on my stories... It should not be too hard.

Friday:  Seared tuna with kale scallion brown rice and roasted kabocha squash. I have made the tuna many times, rice is a staple and kabocha a new recipe....

Saturday: Chestnut risotto. Another new one that you can give a go based on my pumpkin risotto one, just sub the pumpkin purée for a chestnut purée...  I will add cauliflower rice for sure and post it afterwards if approved by the whole family!

Sunday: Leek and gruyere frittata. I usually make frittata for lunch but thought that I would like to try this one for an easy Sunday night dinner instead. I will add gruyere to the recipe I am liking above. I have tons of basic quiches and frittata recipes on the blog, just add and sub for whatever you like and have in your fridge The is one of the most versatile recipe on the blog.  I will keep our week-end lunches super easy such as smoked salmon and bagels, DIY salad bars, eggs any style,..... I am usually ready for a break on Sunday!!

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