Weekly meal plan

Dec 11 2022


It is my birthday week coming up.....  Cooking up some yummy things this week. Some comforting food on the menu  for the cooler weather and not doing anything on my bday day....

Monday: Parsnip soup with crispy sage, turkey bacon and walnut. I love parsnips, I think that root vegetables are underrated, especially this one. You can prepare them like you would carrots.... Since I love when my soups have some texture to it,  the addition of the sage, bacon and nut toppings really adds something nice here! This recipe is a twist from the pear-parsnip one I have on the blog.

Tuesday: Cauliflower rice ground turkey Mexican casserole.. My kids love tacos but my husband does not, so I am always looking for a happy medium so everyone enjoys it!! I read about this recipe somewhere but cannot remember where so I will try to recreate it as best as possible. Basically it is caulirice with seasoned ground turkey, some black beans (maybe corn as well) Mexican cheese and cilantro, lime and avocado.... And some chips on the side of course! I will share as I make it and post it on the blog if it turns out as good as I am thinking!

Wednesday:  Gnocchi lasagna. I haven't made this one in a while and the kids have requested it. I use cauliflower gnocchi but have done it with regular ones and sweet potato ones in the past. You can adapt this one here by adding less or more veggies, make it vegetarian or meat loaded... I mean it is really versatile!

Thursday: Honey garlic chicken and broccoli sheet pan dinnerThe 1 sheet pan dinner is always the easiest dinner option for me, easy prep, cooks in the oven so relatively hands off and very little to clean up afterwards. You could add more veggies here like cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, frozen artichokes, radishes,....

Friday:Birthday dinner. If I had to choose my favorite recipes form my blog and what to eat that day, it would be the miso salmon, with kale salad and roasted veggies. I would tweak the veggie recipe by adding some soy sauce and ginger. For dessert a chocolate lava cakes that I am actually sharing with you that day..... So exciting!

Saturday: DIY pizza night. I buy the pizza dough at my local grocery store ( or I make it when I have time) , as well as the tomato sauce and all the fun and delicious toppings! It is always a huge hit with the kids and super easy for me! I serve a green Italian style salad as a side to get some extra veggies. Fave toppings are: tomato and cheese, pineapple, pepperoni for the boys. For me sliced Brussels sprouts with zucchini, ricotta and cheese. Sometimes prosciutto adds a salty crunch or chicken sausages... If I had to choose my ultimate favorite of all times it would be truffle pizza with creamy mozzarella.

Sunday: Sweet potato shepherd's pie. This dish brings me right back to when I was a kid.... My mom would always make a roasted chicken or shepherd's pie on Sunday night for dinner during the winter time.... This is also one that can easily be adapted, you could use any kind of mash for the top layer, same for the veggies and add or not ground meat or chicken....I always make 2 of them and store on in the freezer for another time....

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