Weekly meal plan

Dec 18 2022


It is Christmas week.... How crazy is that! I want it to be festive and extra fun this year. We are spending it in Aspen and my daughter is back from college. I will cook and bake tons of goodies.  I will make soup twice this week just to keep it casual the day before Christmas Eve.

Monday: Acorn squash soup. This is based on the butternut squash soup from my blog. I will proceed to roast the veggies the same way with the skin on. It is much easier to do it this way. I will add my usually little toasts or crackers to give it some texture and make everyone happy, and maybe even the everything but the bagel puff pastry stars.

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas. A classic  that is special request from my children. You can buy already made salsa and rotisserie chicken to skip some steps and make it super hands off and easy! I am going to introduce my family to delicious Mexican food.

Wednesday: Chestnut soup and spinach and feta puffs. Feeling festive already and these 2 easy dishes will reflect that! I know we had soup on Monday already but why not... After all I am the one cooking so I get to decide:)

Thursday  Shrimps and farro salad. Shrimps cook in 5 minutes and part cooked faro can be ready in less than 10 minutes. If you use frozen veggies it also shortens cooking time here... I mean, do I need to say more?

Friday: Asian glass noodles with crispy tofu. I am making the tofu in my air fryer to speed the process up... If you did not ask for it to Santa don't worry, the recipe I share can also be made in the oven.

Saturday: Crusted salmon, celery root purée, braised endives and che de Noël. Making a feast for Christmas eve and all is on the website and/or in my Holiday cookbook... It is fun to bake together as a family.... I am sharing a simplified version of the Bûche the Noel because I want everyone to be bale to bake it! And it still gives the waouw effect!! Most recipes are from my cookbook....

Sunday:Veggie pot pie. This is from my holiday cookbook, it is still festive for Christmas day but can be made ahead of time and baked at the last minute. I mean you need time to drink champagne and open up presents and cooking should be the last thing on your mind..... Well it is doable with this one. If you haven't got my cookbook yet, you can go on amazon and get it there.....


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