Weekly meal plan

Dec 27 2020


It is  almost New Year.... I cannot believe we are here already.... Although I have to say that I am happy to put 2020 behind us. I can easily guess that I am not the only one right.... I want to make something fun for NYE even though it is just us 5. Blinis, smoked salmon and caviar is on the menu for the grown ups and mac and cheese and steaks per the kids request... They want to watch a movie and eat in front of the tv and I want to dress up fancy and celebrate nicely with my husband and drink champagne... I want to make a point of going the extra mile because I believe we all need festive right now!

Monday: Miso soup with tofu and glass noddles. I buy this delicious miso broth at the farmers market here in LA, but nowadays you find find some miso paste everywhere and make your own really easily. (4 cups vegetable broth  mixed with 3-4 Tbsp white or yellow miso paste is the easiest way to do it. You can add bonito (fish flavor, optional but common with miso soup) and you can also use dashi for more traditional miso soup (which is a sort of seaweed). Dashi needs to simmer in the miso broth for 15-20 minutes or longer , remove and discard). I cook the glass noodles separately, then combine it all and add small cubes of tofu. Sometimes I might toss in some spinach or kale which is not traditional at all but delicious.

Tuesday: Chicken sausages, apple sauce and mash potatoes. A classic Belgian dish that is a winner with my kids. You can buy already made apple sauce, the mash potatoes are easy to make and I always add some veggies to it to make a stoemp (check in my cookbook and you'll see great options).

Wednesday: Butternut squash lasagna. I made this last month and have a spare one in the freezer. This is something I always do when I make lasagna, I prepare double portions and save some in the freezer for another time when I do not want to cook.

Thursday: Blinis with smoked salmon and caviar with a side of arugula salad. Steak and Mac and cheese for the kids.... And Molten chocolate lava cakes with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Making a feast for NYE and all is on the website... The lava cakes will come on the blog on Wednesday and I am posting a video as well.

Friday: BLT lobster salad. I posted this one a few weeks ago and we all loved it so much here. I feel like it is festive for new year day but also clean enough to start the year on a good note and set the tone.... If you don't like lobster, grilled chicken is super good as well here, grilled salmon is delicious or chickpeas work nicely or just on its own...

Saturday: Basil shrimps with rice and roasted broccoli. Shrimps cook super fast and go very well with garlic, chili flakes and fresh basil tossed in at the end. Kids always  like some garlicky rice ( which is imply sautéd garlic with olive oil tossed with the cooked rice salt and pepper) and roasted broccoli which is easy enough for me and super delicious!

Sunday: Leek and feta frittata with kale and Brussels sprouts salad. Frittatas and riches are mo go during the weekends.... Super easy and a good way to use leftovers o ruse frozen veggies. The sis a new recipe and everyone loved it. The key was to cut the leeks super finely and cook them for a little while so the reduce and the taste is not too strong. You could sub feta for goat cheese or go stronger with some gruyère which would be super yummy!

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