Weekly meal plan 02/08

Feb 8 2021


A nice hearty soup to start the week on the right foot as usual, which is my favorite way. I always find it good to get all the nutrients in one bowl, plus it is super easy to make! It is Valentine's week... For those who know me, you'll remember that I am a sucker for anything related to a celebration. Some people find it cheesy but I love it! Especially during these Covid times, which is when people need a little extra attention and celebration!

Monday: Kale and chickpea soup. I make a lot of soups in my pressure cooker including this one, the great part is that it gets the job done in 10 minuets total! If you do not have an instant pot or pressure cooker, no worries, make it in a large pot and it just takes a little while longer but will be equally delicious! It is very similar to the white beans and kale soup form the blog, I am just switching beans and adding a bit more veggies.

Tuesday: 3 beans chili This happens in my slow cooker, I simply combine it all in the morning and my dinner gets done without any effort after that... Apart from cutting avocado and adding some cheese and sour cream off course! I am using this chili recipe as a base and switching the ground turkey for more beans.

Wednesday: Turkey meatballs with broccoli salad. I am craving something simple, I know that some rice for the boys will be perfect here.There is a new broccoli salad I have been wanting to try for a while now, so I will share if we all like it! Is is very similar to this kale salad from my blog. I am suing same dressing and thinly slicing the broccoli.

Thursday: Sole milanese with Brussels spouts and mushrooms.This is as easy as it sounds. I am making the sole from the blog and the veggies are roasted separately, both at 400F for approx 20 minutes. Sprouts are roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper and mushrooms are the same but I am adding fresh thyme as well!

Friday: Lemon chicken cutlets. This super easy dinner is packed with flavors. I am making mini chicken paillard with a lemon pan sauce. When chicken is cooked, simply place on a plate to rest and add some lemon juice and zest to the pan and grate the crispy bits of meat, reduce for 5 minutes, add some butter and that will make your sauce.

Saturday: Kelp noodles and asian veggies. This a stir fry inspired recipe to which I am adding kelp noodles or mung bean noodles (or any kind of glass noodles). If kids ask for it I might also make crispy tofu. This is based on this recipe from the blog minus the beef and switching the noodles.

Sunday: Simply roasted chicken with crispy potatoes and homemade apple sauce. This is the ultimate Sunday night dinner in our family and one of my husband's favorite which is perfect for Valentine's day! Maybe some chocolate brownies, coconut pannacotta  or my new recipe and video fo the week which is mixed berry mousse... Or maybe these chocolate molten lava cakes which are beyond!!!

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