Weekly meal plan

Sep 19 2022


I have a few new recipes that I am testing this week, hopefully they will turn out as good as I hope so I can share them with you. Meanwhile I will give you links to what inspires me!

Monday: Carrot miso soup.  I will use the recipe attached as an inspiration and will adapt a little bit y adding some miso paste to it. I might even make some crispy chickpeas for texture and proteins.

Tuesday: Glass noodles with everything but the bagel chicken tenders.  I get the glass noodles form the farmers market (most grocery stores have them) and sauté with fresh ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. The chicken is a new recipe and quite easy ( that I will post later). I am coating the tenders with flour, salt and pepper and everything but the bagel. Some steamed broccoli will make a perfect side here.

Wednesday: Fish burgers with corn and tomato salsa. This is also a new recipe, I might try the same preparation as the salmon burger on the blog and will post afterwards because I know I will tweak it here and there. I think that a corn and tomato salsa with go nicely here!

Thursday: Pesto flank steak with roasted honey squash. I bought these super cute honey squash today at the market and cannot wait to make them. Not sure exactly how I will prepare them but this recipe should be a good start.

Friday: Veggie stir fry with crispy tofu. I do not really have a  recipe for stir fry on the blog, since I always change it. The base is always sone fresh ginger, garlic with avocado oil. I sauté the veggies hen add tome sesame oi, a touch of rice vinegar and soy sauce. I like this recipe.

Saturday: Pasta carbonara. I am taking the night off and letting my husband cook his special dish! It is always a success and everyone loves it!

Sunday: Frittata with a leafy green salad. I always get fresh eggs at the market on Sunday and tons of veggies. If I don't feel like cooking this is super easy and everyone loves it. Always feel free to adapt since there is a variety of veggies that you can use here. I will play it by ear depending what I have left i my fridge and what I buy that morning.

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