Weekly meal plan

Jan 10 2022


Who is sticking to their new year resolutions? I have decided to be a bit more open mind for myself this year. I am still doing super healthy and dry January when I am home but if we go out and I feel like a glass of wine or a dessert I go for it without guilt. I will just get back to my clean routine the following day. Let's see how I feel at the en dog the month... I am still get like 80% super clean food and no alcohol, It just feels more balanced and sustainable this way... Who know I might keep going longer when I am no sas strict and restrictive!

Monday: Broccoli and arugula. I am trying this new flavor combo because I think that the spiciness of the arugula will compliment nicely the broccoli. I ready about it somewhere and thought it would be interesting to try. I will make some croutons and toast some pine nuts for a little added crunch!

Tuesday: Creamy dijon chicken cutlets with zucchini rice pilaf. I might make a creamless version for me and make the Goop detox fennel salad as well. Zucchini rice pilaf is simply sautéing onions, garlic and zucchini with cooked rice. For the chicken I am using cutlets because it cooks fast. For the sauce once the chicken is cooked I will deglaze the pan with some white wine, cream and dijon mustard. This recipe is a good inspiration to give you an idea of what i want to do.

Wednesday: Tortellini with prosciutto and peas. Everyone loves pasta and this is a super easily put together and delicious one. I don't have a recipe for this but will post on my stories when I make it and this is a good inspiration.

Thursday: Cod curry with mango salsa ( from Jenifer fisher).I love her recipes and how really clean and delicious they are. I have been wanting to try this one ever since she posted it.

Friday: Chicken meatloaf and roasted veggies. We love meatloaf and I feel like tryin g a new version here.... Not sure where it will take me but check this one out in the meantime. Sweet potato mash and roasted broccoli with make great sides.

Saturday: Goop grilled Mojo salmon. I love their new detox recipes every year, this one look particularly delicious and would be good fro the whole family not just me, so let's give it a try!

Sunday: Garlicky sesame noodles. This is based on a recipe I did a while ago but I might add loads of veggies here and maybe grilled tofu as well.

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