Weekly meal plan

Jan 22 2023


Who needs an easy and efficient meal plan this week besides me... It is one of those week that I wish would be over before it has even started... When it is like this, meal planning is a MUST otherwise I get overwhelmed and super stressed! I highly recommend  you do the same whenever you can, it really makes a difference!

Monday: Carrot miso soup. We all love this soup and it is a super easy one. I might make double batch so my lunch is covered  for the following 2 days... Also maybe a focaccia as a side for the kids and crispy chickpeas or quinoa might add a nice touch here.

Tuesday: Zucchini ravioli. I have made my marinara sauce ahead of time so this is simply assembling and cooking! We all love this dish and it is great alternative to pasta! Maybe a leafy green salad on the side and done!

Wednesday: Chicken parmesan. I will again use my marinara sauce, same as yesterday. I always have some frozen rice and caulirice which will pair nicely together here.

Thursday: Lamb chops with roasted veggies. My kids love lamb chop and I rarely make them ( I don't know why, I just don't think of it). I might also serve some soup leftover from Monday ( since I made double batch). I will just eat the veggies with the tahini dressing, which is plenty enough for me.

Friday: Gnocchi casserole. I taught this in one of my class a few years ago and to this day, this is one of those dish that all the students still talk about....It is super easy, comforting and so delicious!

Saturday: Baked ricotta meatballs. I might be able to actually to make the meatballs ahead of time and freeze them, so come Saturday I can simply put everything on my baking sheet and be done with it!

Sunday: Chicken curry and udon noodles. This is way easier than you think it is... You can also use leftovers roasted veggies from the week and/or frozen veggies. I recommend using udon (I get mine on amazon)  for their texture, it makes a difference. But any pasta would work as well if you can't find them. Tofu could also replace chicken here, or chickpeas or even just all veggies would be delicious!

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