Weekly meal plan

Jun 12 2022


It is officially summer, no more school. It was a very emotional week with 2 graduations and lots of things going on in the house.

Usually when I am stressed or sad I just cook! The coming 2 weeks will be really stressful since we are moving again but this time I am really excited about it. I cannot wait to make videos and share my new kitchen and all, it will be so nice!

Monday: Avocado and pea soup. This is a super easy one, no cooking required, just assembling and blending and done! Plus when weather is warm, thesis so refreshing and nice! I highly recommend it!

Tuesday: Grilled shrimps wit tomato, corn and avocado bowl. I will propose  this in a bowl with rice ( and/or cauliflower rice) or in a taco ( corn or jicama). Or even on its own. All the summery produces and so good right now and I feel that shrimps would pair super nicely together. I will post on my stress and the blog as soon as I make then but it it pretty similar to this corn and fish recipe.

Wednesday: Gnocchi with peas and spring onions.This is very similar to the recipe from the blog but I will keep it even more simple. Since I might be super busy, store bough gnocchis will be perfect here!

Thursday: Lemony grilled halibut. Summer means grilling season, so lets give it a star with this one that I love! Maybe a nice summery slaw as a side would be nice as well.

Friday: Chicken paillard. A very easy and delicious summer dinner. We haven't had chicken all week so I feel that this is perfect for a Friday night dinner! I might tweak it a bit by adding corn and tomatoes as well, to really bring summer on a plate.

Saturday: Easy meatballs couscous and tomato sauce. Everything cooks together here, so this means lots of flavor and super easy to prepare!

Sunday: Spicy salmon and rice bowls. Ever since this recipe came out on TikTok a while ago and my kids discovered it, they always ask for it. I don't mind at all because I love it as well!

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