Weekly meal plan

Aug 21 2022


I am having a hard time believing that next week I am dropping off my daughter to college...How did that happen so fast... I am still sharing my meal plan, well because even if I am not here my kids have to eat.

Monday:  Cold summer corn and peach soup,  which is perfect for Monday night soup Monday... This super easy summer soup takes less then. couple minutes to make. I love adding tons of toppings so it is more filling and feels like a complete meal. You can serves this with focaccia or goat cheese crostini would be nice as well. This is coming up on the blog tomorrow with all details but you can watch my Reel from last week to see how it is done.

Tuesday: Tuesday Tacos.  This is as easy as it sounds. Some ground beef or chicken wit tacos seasoning. I will make some spinach rice, back beans, guacamole and chips and have hard shells and grate cheese for serving.

Wednesday:  Tomato galette. I usually make this kind of dish for brunch but as long as tomatoes are still in season and taste so good I might as well make the most of it. Since I use store pie dough, this is really easy to make. It takes a minute to bake but can be done a few hours ahead of time and either reheated or eaten at room temperature.

Thursday: Shrimps and tomato pasta. My kids love shrimps so much plus they only take 3-4 minutes to cook. Add some fresh cherry tomatoes, a pinch of chili flake and basil, toss with spaghetti and done!

Friday: Super easy corn salad with grilled chicken. Corn is probably my favorite summer ingredient and we are getting to the end of it. I could eat corn in every way and it pairs really nice here with the simply grilled chicken. Salmon would be nice as well if you don't feel like chicken.

Saturday: Tuna tartare tower. This is a fave in my house. I get back the day before from college drop off so I will need something easy and delicious to cheer me up.

Sunday: Pizza night. If I don't feel like making the dough, I might run to whole foods and get some already made. The boy scan Haley put and make their own pizza which they love and I can add all the greens I want on mine.More pizza recipes on the blog that are delicious like here or like this one. 

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