Weekly meal plan

Sep 25 2022


I keep things on check and really easy with my weekly meal plans. I buy a lot of fresh produces on Sunday at the farmers market and make my meal according to it. Then I go to supermarket on Mondays and Fridays for whatever else I need. I also like to keep my freezers stocked up.

Monday: Miso glass noodle soup with tofu.This was so delicious last week that the boys requested it, I realized that I vent posted it yet but will do tomorrow. Meanwhile I saved it in my highlights.

Tuesday: Risotto. I haven't made risotto in a while ... Weather I supposed to cool down plus this really feels like a fall dish. I think I might try doing it it in my slow cooker ahead of time.... Stay tuned and see how it turns out.

Wednesday: Salmon sushi bowls. I love doing dinner bowls so everyone can create their own. I will roast the salmon, cook some sushi rice and add some fun toppings like edamame, cucumber, avocado, seaweed salad, sriracha sauce,....

Thursday: Chicken with orzo pasta. I like the 1 pot dinner at least once a week.. Orzo pasta cooks quickly so it works nicely here. You could add kale, peas, spinach or some similar veggies that coos quickly for extra greens....

Friday: Miso cod with coconut rice. I haven't made miso fish in a while and  I know that my kids love this preparation... It is super easy and flavorful. The marinade takes a couple of minutes to assemble and the fish cooks in less than 15... The rice gets done in the rice cooker so it is a no brainer.... Quick and delicious Friday night dinner!

Saturday: Pizza night.  I might make the dough or buy it.. I will see how I feel closer to Saturday. What I love about hit is that I prep the toppings and everyone makes their own thing, kind of a night off for me (except for the cleaning part...)

Sunday: Pesto pasta. No brainer, easy and a household fave! I can add peas, spinach and or broccoli for extra greens!

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