Weekly meal plan 01/01

Jan 1 2023


Happy New Year.... I cannot believe we are in 2023!!! I wish everyone joy, happiness, fun and good food for the coming year! I don't know about you but yummy food makes me happy, so I will keep on sharing all the things I love and make it as easy as possible and accessible for everyone. I will try to emphasis on veggies a lot in coming weeks but have to keep in mind that I have boys who love animal protein.

Monday: Clean and delicious Italian soup. I always want to start the new year with a punch... And what better way to do than with lots of veggies and something comforting and delicious.

Tuesday: Super easy meatballs and tomato sauce with hidden veggies. A special request from Marine, so how can I resist. I use good quality organic store bought sauce for the sake of saving time. I might chop some squash and zucchini and add them to the sauce with spinach as well.

Wednesday: Sesame chicken and soba noodles. I made this a while ago and kids have been asking about it. It is a super easy one and I can add more veggies for me if I don't feel like meat... Or even swap it completely for tofu.

Thursday: Turkey lettuce cups. I might make some rice as well, kids tend to like this more on a bowl of rice, it feels more filling and satisfying for them.

Friday: Cauliflower rice with garlicky beef and veggies.  This one from the blog is normally with noodles but since I made soba yesterday and am making lasagna tomorrow I thought I would mix it up a bit. You can simply sauté some frozen cauliflower rice with green onions and avocado oil salt and pepper and toss it with the beef and veggies,

Saturday: Butternut squash lasagna. A classic from the blog and since it is going to rain quite a bit next week, I know we'll enjoy some comforting and warming food.

Sunday: Simple roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and apple sauce. I posted this one a few weeks ago and we all loved it so much here. I feel like it is festive for new year day but also clean enough to start the year on a good note and set the tone.... If you don't like lobster, grilled chicken is super good as well here, grilled salmon is delicious or chickpeas work nicely or just on its own...

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