Weekly meal plan

Feb 26 2023


We are almost in March and I cannot wait for spring to finally show up...I am not complaining about the rain (even though I am ready fro it to be over) as I know it is good for the environment and the drought. As I feel really cold, I am craving warming and comforting food which is what I plan on cooking all week.

Monday: Chicken gnocchi soup. We have some colds in our house (NOT  covid... everyone got tested and is fine) and we all know that good quality homemade chicken broth makes everything better!! As I made chicken soup recently I wanted to try something new. I ready about this  chicken with gnocchi and lots of veggies soup but will adapt because it calls for a lot of cream, I will post once I have tweaked it.

Tuesday: Flank steak and taco bowls. Harry asked for flank steak so I thought it would marry well with Tuesday Tacos. I can make a DIY taco bar, with yummy guac, beans, Cole slaw, chips, steak and tofu for me.... Easy enough and makes everyone happy.

Wednesday: Ginger peanuts chicken. I have a similar recipe on the blog with cashews but want to mix things up a bit, I will cook some jasmine rice for the boys and cauliflower rice for me.

Thursday: Spinach soufflé with mixed green salad. I haven't made this recipe in a while and have been craving it. It takes a few minutes to assemble, in the oven and done! I know soufflé may sound scary but this is an easy one, the key is to really squeeze all the moisture out of the veggies.

Friday: Spaghetti with turkey bolognese.  This is super easy for dinner and pasta always wins with the kids. I think maybe spaghetti squash for me, we'll see how I feel... This would be delicious even on a bed of cauliflower rice, maybe I'll try that.

Saturday: NYT salmon recipe. This is one of my favorite way to eat salmon, and everyone loves it in our family. It is full proof and so easy to make. Simple roasted veggies as a side, as long as I am using the oven I might make everything together.

Sunday: Pizza night. Sometimes I make mo own dough and sometime I buy it... Let's see how I feel at the end of the week. The beauty of this one is that everyone participates and makes their own so it is really easy on me.

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