Weekly Meal Plan

Aug 11 2019


This week I am actually back. Back from eating out all the time, I am happy to get back into my kitchen ad start cooking again.

Monday: Curry Tofu Bowls. Kids might actually like this. They've had tofu before, and I ma king this with a sweet and peanuts curry, so it is super yummy!

Tuesday: Mexican Barley. Trying to stay in the them of Tacos Tuesday.

Wednesday: Grilled Mahi Mahi with veggies.Take a look at the video on my YouTube or Instagram if this sounds too scary. I promise you it is not and you will see for yourself. You can use different kid of fish here if you prefer.

Thursday:  Zucchini Tart. Keeping with the savory tart theme this week. Maybe next week I can even come up with another new one!! Again using store bought dough makes this really easy!

Friday: Sole Piccata and grilled asparagus.  I am going to roast the asparagus for 10-15 minutes in the oven at 400F just with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Saturday: Tomato Thyme Pudding. Keeping it simple and serving this with a nice spinach salad.

Sunday: Veggie and Rice Bowls. Family style for Sundays is a good way to go and easy onto chef, right!

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