Weekly Meal Plan

Aug 29 2021


We are back at it with school and trying to adapt to our new routine and  activities. This is where planning my meals and all helps me to stay sane. My meal plans are perfect for cooking delicious and nutritious meals!!

Monday: Herbed Roasted Salmon with sweet corn and beans.  I will use the recipe attached as an inspiration and will cover the salmon with loads of finely chopped fresh herbs (parsley, chives, cilantro with olive oil). I think this will be super flavorful thanks to the herbs.

Tuesday: Crispy rice and Asian  turkey meatballs My kids love this crispy rice ( I use a special rice cooker that creates a crispy crust all around and makes a giant rice cake) and I've been promising to make it for a while. I thought why not add these easy meatballs and some roasted veggies.

Wednesday: Summer squash gratin with cauliflower gnocchi. Stay tuned for video and recipe coming up on Wednesday.

Thursday: Mushroom Cups and loads of simply roasted veggies with brown rice. I like making tons of veggies and offer it to the kids to get them to enjoy a vegetarian option once in a while. I usually make a large tray of whatever veggies are in season, I will drizzle olive oil, some salt and pepper and put in the oven for 15-25 minutes and diner is done!

Friday:  Easy Lasagna. I love making dishes in advance, it gives me the chance to hang out with my kids when they are home and not having to worry about cooking....

Saturday:  Caprese Chicken. Tomatoes are still in full season now and so yummy that I want to make the most of it!!

Sunday: Goat cheese and tomato tartlets with a green leafy salads.Easy for a Sunday night dinner.

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