Weekly meal plan

Oct 6 2019


I am feeling inspired by fall this week and want ty a bunch of comforting war  food... Stay tuned on my Instagram to find out more. Meanwhile here is the meal plan for next week.

Monday: Tortelini pesto soup.  I will base this recipe on my minestrone soup, add some pesto sauce (store bought works great) and cook some tortellini for kids and add them in.

Tuesday: Enchiladas meatballs. I just read about something similar but need to change and adapt a few things. I will make these turkey meatballs, then simmer them in an enchilada sauce, add corn and black beans. Stay tuned for full detailed recipe

Wednesday: I have been craving this chicken ratatouille for the longest time.  This will be perfect with the Persian rice that my kids love so much. Stay tuned for recipe and video coming out on Wednesday.

Thursday: Salmon Nicoise. Just something that is really easily put together. You can always adapt and add more or less toppings depending on how much time you have to make this. Also you can prep ahead so many tings, wash the lettuce cook the potato and beans,....

Friday: Sesame ginger beef noodles, this is so easy to assemble and adapted from this beef stir fry , I just plan on adding more ginger and sesame oil and seeds.

Saturday: Italian fish packets. When I make this I just need to assemble the little packets, add the veggies in it and put it in the oven and done! The works great when you have guests over!!!

Sunday: Lazy sushi bowls. I don't really feel like coin gun Sunday night, this is just another way of saying poke bowls. Kids have it with sushi rice and I eat it with chalice, so everyone is happy!!!

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