Weekly meal plan

Dec 15 2019


It is my birthday week this week so my plan is to keep it as simple and as easy as possible so I can enjoy it as much as possible...

Monday: Butternut squash soup. One pot dinner, light, easy and delicious!! Not sure what the plan is gonna be for my bday dinner, but just in case I will have soup ready and can always enjoy it later or store it in the freezer.

Tuesday: Lemon basil pasta. Easy enough and always a success with the kids, it is fresh simple and delicious!

Wednesday: Stuffed acorn squash. This is my new weekly recipe. You can add or omit whatever ingredient you want here. It is also a good way to use leftovers. You can roast the squash in advance and reheat them and stuff them last minute.

Thursday: Aubergine parmesan. This is a fun way to incorporate veggies to kids without having them to complain too much about it. You can even add pasta, it pairs nicely with this dish. Plus I am using good quality store bought tomato sauce which helps tremendously and makes this recipe super easy!

Friday: Swordfish Milanese. We love this recipe around here.... You can also try it out with other fish!

Saturday: Spinach risotto. Trying to keep it easy this week, after all it is my bday week, right?!

Sunday: Caulirice mushroom bowls. My favorite kind of Sunday night dinner, leftovers, frozen veggies, sautéing it all together, nd it always turns out super yummy....

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