Weekly meal plan

Feb 16 2020


I love the Holidays week-end and being able to enjoy time with my family. I have been planing this coming week already since Friday so I do not have to worry about it on vacation but am still her fro you if you need inspiration.

Monday: Carrot soup. I have had this one in my repertoire for a long time and it is a winner! Really easy to prepare and delicious with crispy chickpeas or crispy quinoa or even a nice crunchy baguette with butter!

Tuesday: Caramelized tofu and basil stir fry.I read about a similar recipe in a magazine and I am adapting a bit to simply the flavors to make sure my kids will eat it! I will post it next week. If you fancy these flavor, check out my chicken basil stir fry recipe!!

Wednesday: Creamy pea gnocchi. Video and recipe are both on my website, I am also posting a video for a savory Italian inspired dutch oven pancake, which can be dinner, breakfast or brunch, however you want it to be.

Thursday: Ramen. It is the kids choice tonight and this is what they voted for!!!

Friday: Slow cooker meatballs. This is an easy one, put it all together in the morning and set the slow cooker on and come home to a nice home cooked meal!

Saturday: Chicken larb lettuce with coconut rice from Goop.  This nice, delicious, healthy and perfect to keep it simple and done!

Sunday: Using leftovers to make Sunday night lazy bowls is always the best way to end the week!!

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