Weekly meal plan

Feb 10 2019


This week is a short week because of the holiday week-end but for those who needs ideas an inspiration I will still post a full week!

Monday: Green soup. I like to make soup on Mondays, it is good way to recover form any kind of week-end festivities and start the week clean! If for some reason you don't like free soup check out my recipe index because I offer loads of alternatives!! I always try make my soups with a thick consistency and add some kind of crisps to it with croutons, chickpeas, hempseed,......

Tuesday: Enchiladas. I might tweak the recipe that is on my blog and make it with ground beef. Otherwise it might too much chicken for this week and then we get tired of it.

Wednesday: Miso chicken. This is a new recipe that I have been doing in my cooking class last month and it was a huge hit!! I can be prepared in the instant pot or slow cooker of heaven in a dutch oven. Serve it with sesame noodles, sushi rice or cauliflower rice.

Thursday: Beet soup, green risotto. This is gonna be the perfect meal for Valentine's day, which I am always a sucker for... I love celebration of any kind. I will surely make my raspberry chocolate pot de creme, which will be perfect! The beet soup os ht new video of the week so it will come up on Wednesday on both the blog, instagram and my Youtube channel.

Friday: Lasagna. The good thing with this recipe is that you can always replace the noodles with sweet potato slices of zucchini or eggplant for extra veggies and a healthier version.

Saturday: Veggie tart tatin. This dinner is easy enough that you have to spend very little time prepping it. It is great if you want an easy and casual dinner. Serve it with a nice arugula salad and some crudités.

Sunday: Roasted Chicken. I haven't made a simple roast chicken a while for Sunday night. I grew up eating that every Sunday night with maple sauce and crispy potatoes and a little gem salad.

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