Weekly meal plan

Feb 17 2019


Keeping it easy and light this week. Coming back from a vacation and with the short week in front of us I just feel like having it nice and easy for me!

Monday: Minestrone. It is already prepared in the freezer, ready to be heated up when we get off the plane! I love having extra dishes in the freezer that only needs to be heated up. So easy when we come back for a vacation or super busy weeks. Whenever you make something on less busy days, you should try to make a double batch once in a while and store for crazy days. It will feel not feel like extra work when you do it ( because you're already making dinner) and I will save you sanity when you REALLY need it!

Tuesday: Chicken tacos.  I haven't done Tacos Tuesday in a while and kids have been asking for it! I will try either jicama tacos or simply lettuce cups.

Wednesday: Sole Milanese. This is the new video of the week so tune up on Tuesday on my Youtube channel and Wednesday for full recipe on the blog and Instagram video.

Thursday: Ground beef and veggies Tagine.  This is a recipe I have been doing in my cooking class last month and it was a huge hit because it is so easy to prepare and is a one pot meal. If you do not like beef, feel free to use chicken, turkey or even ground pork.

Friday: Cauliflower mac and cheese.  My kids favorite! I don't think they know that there is cauliflower in it, shhhhhhh, don't tell them!

Saturday: 1 pan veggies and turkey meatballs. Not sure what the plan is fro the week end yet, but I like to know that I have options in the fridge and freezer.

Sunday: DIY lazy Sunday bowls. All leftovers used and reinvented here!

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