Weekly meal plan

Feb 24 2019


Browsing through my cookbooks and hundreds of recipes on the blog for ideas for next week. I have to admit that sometimes I do get tired of cooking and planning and all.... But I know that I will be so glad during the week to have a plan because it helps so much !!

Monday: Broccoli and parsnip soup. The recipe is inspired but Gwyneth Paltrow new cookbook and I cannot wait to make it. I love both veggies and have cooked them separately in soups so many times but have never thought of putting them together... Next week I think I am gonna try carrots and parsnips!!

Tuesday: Mexican meatballs and rice. Tuesday is usually Mexican food around here because my kids love the favors so much!!

Wednesday: Zaatar chicken with caulirice and kale. This another one from GP "Clean Plate" cookbook. I love her recipes in that book, they are easy to make, really clean and super yummy!! My kids will not eat it all, but this one they like!

Thursday: 1 skillet steak with peas and asparagus. I am not a huge red meat eater but my family is and they need it for iron. I always favor organic, grass fed, sustainable meat! I will eat the veggies and make steamed spinach for me for the iron.

Friday: Turkey burgers.  An easy Friday night dinner and always a winner. I eat it with lettuce cups ( instead of a bun), always serve  it with a side of avocado and some kind of slaw

Saturday:  Shrimp tomato spaghetti. I always have frozen shrimps in the freezer and this dinner takes like less than 15 minutes put together dinner! I just sauté garlic, chili flakes, tomatoes, add the shrimps, cook the pasta and done!

Sunday:  Sweet potato gnocchi and pumpkin. I do not make my own gnocchi ( I have done it in the past) because Sunday night is for easy dinner and as little work as possible!! I always serve a side of greens (broccoli, green beans, spinach, zucchini fries,....) with any meal that I make just to be sure that my family gets as many nutrients as possible!


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