Weekly meal plan

Mar 3 2019


I am doing doing a cleanse next week, so it is not the week to cook new things or experiment. I made a deal with my kids that for once they can choose their dinner menu for the entire week. I will sneak in greens and veggies here an there, just because I can't help it. Let's see what it looks like!

Monday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese. I can always add extra veggies in the base of my soup, like carrots and celery and even parsnips.

Tuesday: Ground beef Tacos. Making tons of guacamole, a cucumber and a corn salad on the side.

Wednesday: Sausages with mash and apple sauce. This is a typical wintery Belgian dish... It was my ultimate favorite growing up and is one my kids top 3 as well!  Since it is going to rain all week here, this is the perfect comforting dish to make this week!!!

Thursday: Spinach tortellini with kale pesto. I buy these spinach ricotta tortellini (because I do not have time to make my own) and will make a kale and spinach pesto, and add peas and maybe broccoli as well! What I love with this is the pesto is really easy to make and lasts for a while. On top of that you can cook the veggies in the same water as the pasta. it makes for an easy clean up and adds flavor as well!

Friday: Slow cooker Thai chicken. I haven't made this one in a while, goes really nicely with jasmine rice and asparagus!!!

Saturday: Chicken Marbella with roasted veggies. My girlfriend made this for us a while ago and I had never had this before but really loved it! Since we are having guests over and I always look for easy recipes when I entertain and I think this works great for a crowd. I use a cleaned up version from Pamela Salzman! A nice platter of roasted veggies with a kale salad as sides and done!

 Sunday: Minestrone. Lots of frozen veggies will go into this and makes a really nice comforting Sunday night dinner and so easy on me!

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