Weekly meal plan

Mar 10 2019


Monday: Zucchini, spinach and butter bean soup. Monday night soup is always the way to go around here. This is a really easy one with tons of flavor. I always have beens in my pantry and frozen spinach. The only thing to do will get my mirepoix ready and chopped the zucchini, then it is just assembling it together. How easy is that!

Tuesday: 1 pot beef and broccoli. This dish is literally sautéing some garlic, fresh ginger and adding chopped beef, some soy sauce and sesame oil. Blanching some broccoli, or using frozen thawed ones. You can enjoy this on rice, cauliflower rice, on its own or even with noodles. If you need visual I am linking a similar recipe, you can use same spices and just not make the pasta.

Wednesday: Chicken satay. This is a new recipe and new video that will both come out on Wednesday morning. I will post on my Youtube channel the day before for anyone who is really impatient to make it!

Thursday: Ramen carbonara. My kids love ramen so much that I thought I would try a different way to make carbonara (using turkey bacon). I am linking my fave recipe for this, just switch the pasta or keep it as it is.

Friday: 1 sheet sausages and veggies. Trying out a new 1 tray dish. I will basically roast a bunch of different veggies and chopped chicken sausages in the oven, with olive oil salt and pepper. To add extra flavor, I will probably to a salsa verde and drizzle it all over when I get it out of the oven. You can use this recipe as a start, maybe mix up veggies bit, adding Brussels sprouts or something and getting the sausages in the mix.

Saturday: Swordfish Milanese. I haven't made this one in a while, it is a good one! If you do not like swordfish, switch it for sole, or halibut, or tilapia. It is a versatile recipe and can go many different ways, so feel free to add your touch.

Sunday: Shrimps and tomatoes on caulirice.  I am basing dinner on this recipe, just switching the couscous for cauliflower rice. It is easy enough for a Sunday night. I might add some steamed spinach for extra greens!!!

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