Weekly meal plan

Apr 14 2019


We really got into summer mode around here. We are back eating outside, the days are getting longer and we are definitely eating more salads and raw veggies. Nonetheless I am still keeping soups on Monday night menu, it is all about packing as much nutrients as possible is one meal in a very efficient and fast cooking way!!!

Monday: Chicken caulirice soup.  Instead of a traditional noodle soup, I will swap these for caulirice. Just add some cauliflower rice too this recipe at the same time that you add the stock.

Tuesday: Korean noodles. I will make my kids favorite mung beans noodles and add some of the cooked chicken from last night ( that I have kept on purpose) and sauté some carrots, spinach and peas to toss in with the noodles. You can do this recipe with any kind of glass noodles, and add some soy sauce and sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Wednesday: Zucchini Ravioli. This is my new video and recipe of the week. I am basically using zucchini slices instead of pasta to create cute and delicious little raviolis. Check out my Youtube channel on Tuesday and the blog and my instagram on Wednesday morning for full recipe.

Thursday: Herby turkey meatballs with brown rice and sauté kale.The meatballs are a recipe form Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook "The clean plate" which I love an duse all the time. These meatballs are full of flavor, really easy to make and plus they freeze nicely, so I always make extra. I will cook some brown rice in my rice cooker and saute some kale with olive oil and garlic.

Friday: Scallops with sweet corn and cauliflower purée. The sis as easy as it sounds. simply grilling some scallops ( salt, pepper and olive oil) for 2 minutes on each h side, until they start to brown a little here and there. Steam some corn and make some cauliflower mach ( same as you would a potato purée but with cauliflower). We love scallops and I haven't made any in a long time!

Saturday: Shrimps and tuscan beans salad. Everyone loves shrimps and beans here, so this will be an easy and delicious dinner!!!

Sunday: Smoked salmon with bagels. I am leaving for 2-3 days on Sunday so I have to prep ahead easy dinners that will need as little hands on as possible for my husband and the kids. I think that this falls into that category. Served with a large crudités plate ( cucumber, carrots, snap peas, radishes, sliced tomatoes and avocados) just to make sure they have their veggies intake. I will use the Pagels gluten free bagels ( which are the best ones we've tried so far) for my daughter and vegan cream cheese which tastes as yummy as regular one. This way she can enjoy the same meal as everyone else.


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