Weekly meal plan

Apr 20 2019


This week as I am going away for a few days, I will prepare a few easy dinners for my family that they will just have to heat up and have it ready in like 5 minutes. Back on Wednesday so I need easy dinner for that night as well as I will have very little time to prep as I arrive late.

Monday: Zucchini soup. I will use the same technique as the asparagus soup I linked here, but use zucchini instead and add white beans for extra proteins.

Tuesday: Turkey chili.  This has been cooking in my slow cooker all day and I will transfer into 2 containers in the freezer. It only took me a couple of minutes to assemble and will make 2 super yummy dinners ( when I am in a bind a really needs it)

Wednesday: Flank steak with peas.  This is an easy one as well, I might even grill the steak outside and use flank instead of a NY one. Leftovers will be great for a sandwich for Harry's school lunch the day a after.

Thursday: Chicken with coconut rice and spinach.  This is something new that I am testing, if I love it I will make sure to share all the steps on my instagram and full recipe on the blog the next day.

Friday: Crab cakes and a leafy salad. I will make bigger cakes than in the original recipe and serve them with a fresh spring salad.

Saturday: Crispy tofu with fresh veggies and basil. I think we all need a break from animal protein and this will do the trick, my kids love this dish (and so does my husband) and it is delicious!

Sunday: Penne with cherry tomatoes, spinach and ground beef. Now, I need a break from cooking and this is easy enough that I don't mind making dinner, I might even have my kids help around and do most of the work.

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