Weekly meal plan

May 5 2019


This week is mother's day, so in honor of all the moms out there (including me) I will post recipe that take less then 15 minutes to prep, so we can all enjoy other things!

Monday: Zucchini, pea and basil soup. This soup is so fresh, green and delicious, the basil adds so much depth to it.

Tuesday: Mexican meatballs.  I had to celebrate Cinco de Mayo theme with this delicious dish. Sitcking also with the 15 minutes meals!!!

Wednesday: Salmon Ceviche. This is the new video and recipe of the week. The dish is inspired by our stay in Costa Rica and all the amazing food we had there. Make sure to check back on Wednesday, this is gonna be a summer hit in my house!

Thursday: Harry's burger. My sweet boy learned to make burgers last summer at cooking camp and now he loves preparing them every chance he gets and is really good at it!!!

Friday: Halibut with mango and mint salsa. I am testing a new recipe that seems right on point with summer around the corner. I will bake the fish in the oven with some veggies, while I prepare the salsa. Halibut cooks really fast, so one more easy dinner ahead!

Saturday: Balsamic chicken with asparagus. A one pan meal, that is really flavorful and if you don't like asparagus, use zucchini or broccoli instead. Serve it with rice, quinoa or cauliflower rice or even noodles!

Sunday: Shrimp tomatoes spaghetti. I don't think I will actually cook that night, but this is one of the easiest recipe on my site, so maybe moms can have the night off and ask the kids or hubbies to prepare this one. I promise it is fullproof easy and delicious! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!

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