Weekly meal plan

May 19 2019


Mixing it up this week with some classics and new recipes that I am really excited to share!!! Plus it is Memorial week-end, which means cocktails and grilling time!!

Monday: Artichoke soup. This soup is so fresh, green and so simple. I am using frozen artichoke hearts, which makes to preparation super fast!! Sprinkling some feta, crispy quinoa and hemp seeds for texture and extra nutrients ( tons of proteins in the extras).

Tuesday: Korean egg noodle soup. Just bought my favorite miso veggie broth at the market ( you can use a veggie broth base and add miso paste to it). I will heat it up and mix in an egg per bowl and add sweet potato glass noodle and maybe temple as well. I can't wait for this one.

Wednesday: Polenta mushroom cakes This is the new video and recipe of the week. This is keeping things easy and is kind of breakfast fro dinner, which sounds perfect to me!

Thursday: Lemon roasted chicken with mixed veggies. I am simply roasting a whole chicken ( 425F for 45-60 min depending o the size)  with tons of fresh herbs and lemon wedges. Roasting veggies alongside.

Friday: 1 pan turkey meatballs with greens I posted this recipe a few weeks ago and my kids keep on asking for it. I always love a 1 pot meal, easy to prep and easy to clean!

Saturday: Lemon basil spaghetti. Kids love these and it really feels like summer on a plate. I have 2 lemon trees in my garden that are overflowing with lemons and I love eosin totem here, super flavorful!

Sunday: Chicken and beef kebabs with sliced veggie salad. Memorial Sunday week-end is all about grilling, cocktails and eating outside! These kebabs juts need al little while to marinate but are easy to prepare on the grill and I will simply slice a bunch of veggies and grill them alongside!

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