Weekly meal plan

May 26 2019


Since the weather is surprisingly a bit chilly around here, I am still making soup!! Tomorrow night is like Sunday night since it is a holiday, so I am keeping it super simple and making flat bread pizzas. Wednesday is the new recipe of the week as usual!

Monday: Flat bread pizzas.  Nothing says holiday week-end like pizzas. I am using flat bread (lavash) to keep it easy for me and cauliflower crust for my GF daughter. I usually ask kiddos what they feel like as toppings and take it from there.

Tuesday: Mediterranean soup.  I love Pamela's recipes and this is one is really easy to make and has tons of nutrients!!

Wednesday: Soba noodles.  This is the new video and recipe of the week. This may look like a lot of veggies chopping but feel free to cut down or even buy already prepped veggies. It is really yummy and the leftovers are perfect for a school lunch!

Thursday: Veggie curry. I haven't made a curry in a while so I thought it was time. I will have quinoa or caulirice as a base and maybe will add cirps tofu for whoever wants extra proteins.

Friday: Sole Milanese. I posted this recipe a while ago and this is kind of a go to whenever I make fish, with a squeeze of lime and a nice arugula and tomato salad it is delicious!

Saturday: Thai turkey with veggie noodles. Kids love these and since my daughter had to go GF I am trying really hard to experiment new things. This recipe has been on the blog for a while but I will tweak it a bit and add quinoa or brow rice pasta with the veggie noodles!

Sunday: Leftover bowls. My favorite kind of dinner!!!! Any kind of grain base, adding some of the veggies that will be n the fridge and even maybe a fried egg, some slaw, a drizzle of pesto and done!

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