Weekly meal plan

Jun 2 2019


Last days off school coming up... which means that for a little while I will have even less time to make dinner because kids will be around more. Also I would rather spend more free time with them than making dinner!

Monday: Red lentil soup. This soup is really easy to make and it takes very little time as red lentils cook fast! This is full of fibers and proteins!!

Tuesday: Penne with fresh peas. I use kamut or quinoa pasta (gf for my daughter). Since fresh peas are in season right now and so tasty I will simply add them with the penne (in the boiling water) during the last minute of cooking. Drain it all, drizzle olive oil, fresh chopped herbs, some parmesan and it makes an amazing simple dinner!

Wednesday: Cold avocado and pea soup.This is the new video and recipe of the week. The dish is amazing because it only consist of combining it all in the blender. There is no cooking or heating involved, it is simply assembling! You can add grilled shrimps, chicken or even tofu to make this a full meal! Make sure to check back on Wednesday for full details!

Thursday: Chicken sausages with Mexican rice. I found these amazing chicken sausages form the farmer's market and can't wait to prepare them. I thought that an easy Mexican rice ( based on my Mexican barley recipe attached, just swiping barley for rice) as a side dish would make a good combo!

Friday: Grilled rosemary chicken breasts.  I am linking the recipe that I will use as a base, I will end up tweaking and changing git ( as I always do) but it seems like a good inspiration! I love grilling season since there is not cleaning the kitchen involved!!! I will do Pamela Salzman's grilled veggie with it so the whole dinner is made outside!!

Saturday: Broiled salmon with cauliflower tabbouleh. My kids keep on requesting salmon (which makes me super happy, since it is my favorite thing to eat ever!!!) So I though that this recipe is would be right on point fro the whole family!

Sunday: Tomato tart. The farmer's market showcase these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes that are super tasty and flavorful!!!! They will make a delicious tomato tart paired with a green mixed salad!

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