Weekly meal plan

Jul 12 2020


Monday: Strawberry gazpacho. Another family favorite, I like sprinkling feta on this one, I find that the flavors really go well together.
Tuesday: Omelet souffle. The fact that the egg whites are beaten in here really elevates the omelet and makes a really nice dinner! I like serving this with a leafy green salad and a veggie platter (either grilled or raw, depending on how everyone feels).
Wednesday: Sole with papaya mint salsa. I made this one a lot last year but haven't done so in a while.... Since it is a really summery and easy dish, it sounds perfect right now!
Thursday: Cauliflower tabbouleh with tequila lime chicken. Nice flavors here, just make sure you remember to marinate the chicken a few hours ahead of time, it really makes the difference!
Friday:  Chow mein with shrimps. Use any kind of frozen veggies here as it can go so many ways. If you don't like shrimps you can sub chicken or salmon... What makes this dish is really the sauce and noodles!
Saturday: Salmon pizza. Really nice and easy Saturday night dinner! An avocado Caprese would go really nicely along this one!
Sunday: 1 pot pasta. Put it all in the pot and let it cook!

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