Weekly meal plan

Jul 14 2019


Monday: Chicken veggies and basil soup. Mixing it up this week and feeling like adding tons of veggies.
Tuesday: Vegetarian couscous. Craving veggies and as you will see it will go along for the entire week.If you want, you can add chicken or salon or even tofu.
Wednesday: Zucchini carrot fritters. New recipe and video of the week, see you back on Wednesday!
Thursday: Idaho trout with summer veggies. I love trout, it is really easy to cook.
Friday: Pineapple cheddar pizza. This is one of my kiddies favorite, after a long trip away from home, they usually crave home food and have lots of requests which I am always happy to oblige!
Saturday: Salmon burgers with pineapple salsa. For the non salmon lovers, this is really a fun way to get them to eat it and the salsa really helps toning it down... For the salmon lovers this is a winner!
Sunday: Sesame noodles. The seasoning makes this dish what it is... You can go fro whatever noodles you want, and add veggies such a spinach, broccoli or peas... and maybe even some proteins if you feel like it!

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