Weekly meal plan

Jun 23 2019


I go away in a few days for Europe but I will still post the weekly meal plans every week just in case anyone needs a lille help and some inspiration.

Monday:  Cold pea soup Most of the summer soups on my blog are basically assembling it all in the blender, pulse and it is ready.... which makes diner really easy and so it makes me super happy. Some people think that this is not enough for dinner, which I totally understand then I would serve it with melon and prosciutto, or goat cheese crostini, or tomato and mozzarella, or avocado with olive oil and lemon,...
Tuesday:  Grilled salmon tostadas. This is gonna be perfect for Tuesday tacos... I will simply grill some salmon with lime and cilantro, make a nice Mexican slaw  ( I love this recipe for a slaw), some guacamole and instead of tacos serve it on a tostada...
Wednesday:  California chicken caprese. This is the new video and recipe of the week, this is super fresh and absolutely delicious! I think it is gonna be one of my summer faves. Make sure to check back on Wednesday for full recipe!
Thursday: Japanese udon soup. We leave that night so this is the kind of meal I wanna shane before gettin go a plane, full of veggies, satisfying and heathy!!
Friday: Turkey and zucchini meatballs. Who does not love meatballs, and hiding veggies in them is always a good trick!
Saturday: Summer veggies tartlets. The name says it all, right?!
Sunday: Leftover Sunday night bowl. These bowls are everything and and adapt to whatever is in your fridge or your pantry....

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