Weekly meal plan

Jul 10 2021


I have a few classics planned for this week, everything is very summery, lots of salads, raw veggies, grilled proteins... Keeping it easy!

Monday: Summer squash salad with feta and pistachios.  I am adapting this recipe from Bon Appétit magazine. I found tons of baby squash at the market today and I can't wait to use them.... Plus this is one of my favorite way to prepare them.

Tuesday: Grilled swordfish with herby vinaigrette. I bought some delicious looking swordfish at the farmers market this morning.  It only takes a couple of minutes to grill on each side and this sauce really adds something to it.... I might serve it with an easy Mexican slaw and also some grilled corn ( it is in season right now and super sweet and delicious).

Wednesday: Grilled shrimps and Italian beans salad. Easy enough for a Wednesday night. I might maybe cook some pasta and serve it together for the kids and keep it on a bed of spinach for me like the original recipe from the blog.

Thursday: Soba noodle salad. I can always add tofu or grilled chicken if anyone want proteins but this is one of my favorite dish of the moment. The sauce is sweet, spicy and tangy at the same time, a perfect balance of flavors!

Friday: crab salad with avocado on toast. I love this summery crab salad featured here, served with avocado on toast.

Saturday: Tequila grilled chicken. The marinade here gives so much depth to the chickens and makes it super moist and tender. I think it is one of the best marinade I have ever made. I will pair it with cilantro cauliflower rice.

Sunday: Creamy peas gnocchi. I use TJ cauliflower gnocchi but traditional ones work great as well... This recipe is so simple and makes a great Sunday night dinner! Plus it is a good way to sneak in as many veggies as possible....

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