Weekly meal plan

Jul 22 2019


Monday: Chunky gazpacho. This weather is perfect for gazpacho, I've found this recipe with tons of raw veggies added to give it texture. Maybe some garlic toasts on the side for extra crunch!
Tuesday: DYI shrimp tacos. Kids have been craving tacos all through Europe and I promised to make some as soon as we'd get back home. I am simply grilling shrimps and adding all the taco sides to it, guacamole, Mexican slaw and salsa
Wednesday: Asian turkey meatballs with a summer salad Easy enough for a Wednesday night and enjoying all the fresh summer veggies from the farmers market!
Thursday: Soba noodle salad. I can always add tofu or grilled chicken if anyone want proteins but this is one of my favorite dish of the moment. The sauce is sweet, spicy and tangy at the same time, a perfect balance of flavors!
Friday: Lobster rolls and crab salad. I can't go though summer without good lobster roll at some point which pairs really nicely with this crab salad featured here.
Saturday: Tequila grilled chicken. The marinade here gives so much depth to the chickens and makes it super moist and tender. I think it is one of the best marinade I have ever made. I will pair it with cilantro cauliflower rice.
Sunday: Creamy peas gnocchi. I use TJ cauliflower gnocchi but traditional ones work great as well... This recipe is so simple and makes a great Sunday night dinner! Plus it is a good way to sneak in as many veggies as possible....

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