Weekly meal plan

Aug 25 2019


It is official, kids are back at school! This means that I will be driving all over LA, which means getting organized in the kitten is a must so I can stay a happy, sane mom :). This is when  meal planning becomes super important for me, being organized saves me so much time and stress! Honestly I do not know how I would do it otherwise.

Monday:  Corn gazpacho, which is perfect for meatless Monday... This super easy soup is full of veggies simply put in the blender and done. Since this is a new recipe, I will post the different steps on my insta stories on Monday and the full recipe as well!

Tuesday: Mexican meatballs . This is perfect to get back into Taco Tuesday, which my kids just love!!!

Wednesday:  Ramen with ground chicken. This will be very similar to the mane on may website, I using group chicken for a change and will post new recipe soon. But honestly if you follow the one on the blog and just sauté some ground chicken with garlic and ginger then you've nailed it!

Thursday: Steak with roasted veggies. I have meat eaters in the house, so I got make sure that they get super nice, grass fed no antibiotics organic beef. NO better way to guarantee that than making it myself and sourcing the right kind of beef!!! Plus I found out that I have to eat red meat for my blood type, so I try to do it once in a while.

Friday: Creamy pea gnocchi. After the first week of school, Friday night dinner needs to be easy so I can recuperate, right?! Anyway this is a good one, and I love using cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe.

Saturday: Chicken balsamic with asparagus . This is easy enough for a Saturday and I love a 1 skillet dinner, this might pair nicely with rice, or quinoa and some kind of grain, I ( and you) can figure that out depending what is in the pantry.

Sunday: Salmon burgers.   I loving doing these and I know this is not my usual Sunday night dinner, but since it is Labor day week-end, it will be perfect on the grill with a large leafy greens salad and some baked (sweet) potatoes.... And a cocktail off course :)

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