Weekly meal plan

Sep 8 2019


Just a few weeks into school and it already feels overwhelming at times. The driving all around and the traffic is just so much over here!! Anyway, these weekly meal planning keep me in my happy place, hopefully it helps you out as well!

Monday: Cleaned up zucchini corn chowder.  This is a new recipe that I working on, I will make sure to post al the details and pictures on my Instagram stories and on the blog as soon as I am done and have approved! If you can't wait until Monday her tis another good one, the zucchini basil soup!

Tuesday: 3 beans chili I have a school meeting at 7:00 that night, so this will be done in the slow cooker and kids can have dinner before I get back and I don't have to worry about a thing! I will do a vegetarian version instead of the one linked and just omit the turkey and add more beans.

Wednesday: Turkey lettuce cups and cucumber salad. Stay tuned for video and recipe coming up on Wednesday.This is a huge winner with my kids, they just love eating in the lettuce cups, whatever works, right?!

Thursday: Miso salmon and loads of simply roasted veggies with brown rice. I like making tons of veggies and offer it to the kids to get them used to it. I will add soy sauce and cilantro to the veggies and toss it all together. I think al the flavor will work great together here!

Friday:  Chicken milanese. I can even prep this in advance and just cook the chicken last minute. This pairs well with an arugula salad and I might make some brown rice pasta with cherry tomatoes, the kids will like that as well.

Saturday:  Goat puffs with tomato salad. Tomatoes are still in full season now and so yummy that I want to make the most of it!! Plus this is really easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious!!

Sunday: Spaghetti and noodles Caprese al pesto. Easy for a Sunday night dinner and light enough for me with the zoodles option.

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