Weekly meal plan

Aug 8 2021


It is so hot  in California.... It feels like our summer only begins in August and ends in October... Which I don't complain about about because being from Belgium, where it gets, cold, gloomy and drizzling and raining in September I like this much better... Anyway, here is what's next week meal plan looks like!

Monday: Cleaned up zucchini corn chowder.  This is a really delicious and easy dinner.... I like starting the week with something super easy and fast to cook!

Tuesday: 3 beans chiliThis will be done in the slow cooker and kids love it, especially with the guacamole, chips and cheese.... I will do a vegetarian version instead of the one linked and just omit the turkey and add more beans.

Wednesday: Turkey lettuce cups and cucumber salad. Perfect for a weeknight.... trying to get the kids in some kind of a routine, since 2 out of my 3 kids start school next Monday....

Thursday: Miso salmon and loads of simply roasted veggies with brown rice. I like making tons of veggies and offer it to the kids to get them used to it. I will add soy sauce and cilantro to the veggies and toss it all together. I think al the flavor will work great together here!

Friday:  Chicken milanese. I can even prep this in advance and just cook the chicken last minute. This pairs well with an arugula salad and I might make some brown rice pasta with cherry tomatoes, the kids will like that as well.I might even try an eggplant version and see how it goes, stay tuned!

Saturday:  Goat puffs with tomato salad. Tomatoes are still in full season now and so yummy that I want to make the most of it!! Plus this is really easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious!!

Sunday: Spaghetti and zoodles Caprese al pesto. Easy for a Sunday night dinner and light enough for me with the zoodles option.

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