Weekly meal plan

Sep 15 2019


I am sitting down a my desk looking at the calendar for next week and everything that is going on. I need to keep it super simple for some of the busier days when kids activities take me all over town... and take my time when there is less rushing, but still keeping it easy and yummy on weekdays... So here we go:

Monday: Zucchini soup. Based on the same as my green soup, I will use a variety of squash that I found at the farmers market. Soups are so easy to make and when you either roast and sauté the vegetable it gets super flavorful. Plus it does not get any easier or nutritious than that!!! I will also add tortellini because kids get super hungry and soup on its own is not always enough.

Tuesday: Teriaky Chicken from Goop. This clean recipe, which I have made in the past is super clean and absolutely delicious. Easy to make and really nutritious as well. Served with brown rice and sautéed spinach, it is just perfect!

Wednesday: Green risotto. I am using a mix of cauliflower rice and barley in order to have more veggies in there... I use frozen peas instead of what the original recipe says. You can use whatever veggies you want. The only ting that will vary is when to add them in the dish. Obviously the longer the veggies need to cook, the earlier you want to incorporate them in the recipe.

Thursday: Salmon and caulirice tabbouleh. Salmon is my favorite fish, it took my kids a while to get used to it but now that love it as well. Prepared this way, it is really fresh and delicious. Since it is still super hot here, I am not yet busy with fall dish...

Friday: Idaho trouts with summer veggies. I want enjoy these delicious summer veggies for a few more days. They are still out there and tasty, so I am making the most of it!!!!!

Saturday: Chicken fried rice. I like this attached recipe, easy and fast to make and super delicious. You can always use rotisserie chicken fro this kind of recipe to make it even easier!

Sunday: Italian quinoa. This will be good with  pesto, which I always keep in my fridge or freezer. It always elevate a dish nicely! I can also add all the veggies left in my fridge, such as tomatoes, asparagus, zucchinis,... I just sauté them with garlic and chili flakes and combine it all together and it is juts what we need for a Sunday night!

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