Weekly meal plan

Sep 11 2022


It is almost fall. It surely does not feel like it around here just yet, but it still is a good excuse to start cooking more comforting dishes!!!

Monday: Chicken, basil and pea soup.  I will use the recipe attached as an inspiration and will adapt a little bit, depending on what veggies I have left in the fridge. I usually use soup day as an excuse to clean up the fridge with veggies I still have.

Tuesday: Roasted chicken breast with green beans and asian sweet potatoes.  I know that I am making chicken 2 days in a row but since I get this delicious chicken from the farmers market on Sunday, I like to cook it fresh since it is super tasty! I also got green beans that I will simply sauté with onions and olive oil. Finally I will make baked Asian sweet potatoes, I love the nutty and sweet flavor of these!!!

Wednesday: Squash pizza with arugula. Since it is fall and officially squash time, I am super excited to share this one with you. Stay tuned for video and recipe coming up on Wednesday.

Thursday: Italian meatballs with tomato sauce and rice. I can always make the meatballs ahead of them (they have more favor when they have the to rest) and will use Roa tomato sauce (which taste like homemade and is clean) to save me from spending too much time the in the kitchen. Usually I serve these with steamed spinach.

Friday:  Salmon burgers. I find that this is one of the best way to get my kids to eat salmon without complains.... I don't always use buns, lettuce works great as a substitute. Cole slaw or even a simply crudités platter as sides.

Saturday: Penne with spinach, cherry tomatoes and ricotta. (Almost same as recipe attached but meatless). Tomatoes are still in full season now and so yummy that I want to make the most of it!! I will slowly melt them with garlic and chili flakes, add some spinach (always trying to add as much veggies as possible) and finishing the dish with ricotta to give some creaminess to it. I will use a combo of whole wheat pasta and zucchini noodles (and mainly zucchini for me). There are great options for dairy free ricotta (almond base) out there for those who want to stay away from dairy.

Sunday: Sunday night bowlEasy for a Sunday night dinner and the best way to clean up the fridge from all leftovers... This kind of dinner is never good to share on Instagram as it does not look good, but it is always SO TASTY!!!

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