Weekly meal plan

Sep 29 2019


Soup and warm comforting dishes on the menu this week!!

Monday: Harvest soup.  I will use the recipe attached as an inspiration and will adapt a little bit, I will add turmeric, cinnamon and a bit if curry powder for extra flavor but no apples this time. I usually use soup day as an excuse to clean up the fridge with veggies I still have.

Tuesday: Thai chicken burgers.  This is an easy enough dish for a Tuesday night and will offer option to do it lettuce wraps. Side of avocado and a tomato and green beans salad

Wednesday: Mushroom and caulirice risotto. Since it is fall , it means that we can find tons of delicious mushrooms at the farmers market, so this is right on point. I am super excited to share this one with you. Stay tuned for video and recipe coming up on Wednesday.

Thursday: Squash casserole. This recipe is from my friend Pamela Salzman and looks super days and absolutely delicious, I can't wait to make it!!

Friday:  Sausages, spinach and tomatoes stew. I am craving this kind of dishes whenever the weather starts to change, I haven't had the sone in months and can't wait.

Saturday: 1 sheet salmon and veggie tray. I am using the veggies that are in season right now and simply baking it all together.

Sunday: Tofu satayEasy for a Sunday night dinner and the best way to clean up the fridge from all leftovers... Also a good break from animal proteins

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