Weekly meal plan

Oct 13 2019


Even though we are mid October, the weather is still very summery here in LA. I always try to adapt my meals with the weather and what I can find at the farmers market on week-ends. I got lots of goodies coming your way this week with a nice miso salmon, my usual weekly soup, sweet potato glass noodles (my kids fave) and the new recipe and video of the week!

Monday: Green soup.  I will base this recipe on me greek veggies soup, add some edamame to make a really thick consistency and add tons of proteins sauce. Some yummy sourdough grilled bread with olive oil as a side will be great!

Tuesday: Sweet potato glass noodles and tempeh. I got all these goodies from the famers market today and will just heat it up with some miso veggie broth. The good thing is that most of these can be found at any supermarket now. Maybe not exactly the same, but glass noddles I see everywhere and you can just cook them in some chicken broth (add some miso paste and soy sauce in it) and either chop some tofu or tempeh and add to the mix and done! I am attaching here a super Korean recipe that you can try!

Wednesday: I have been craving this pumpkin lasagna for the longest time.  October is the month when I do so many things with pumpkin, both savory and sweets, I just crave it so much and can't stop experimenting. Stay tuned for recipe and video coming out on Wednesday.

Thursday: Greek chicken sheet pan. Just something that is really easily put together. You can always adapt and add more or less toppings depending on how much time you have to make this. I love sheet pan dinner, it is super easy to make and super easy to clean up!!!

Friday: Salmon miso  this is so easy to assemble and adapted from this Goop. You just make the marinade, dipped the salmon in it, toss the veggies as well and put it all on a tray, 10-12 minutes in the oven and done!!!

Saturday: Asparagus barely risotto. I like to take a break from animal protein a couple times a week. There is always 2-3 times a week when my dinners will be vegetarian... I don't emphasize it for my family (and they don't even notice) but I think it is good for the body to take a break and also to mix it up!

Sunday: Cauliflower shepherd pie. I never really want to cook on Sunday night, I can prep it all on Friday and keep it in the fridge and just reheat before dinner and done!!!

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