Weekly meal plan

Oct 23 2022


I have a super busy week next week with a couple of online cooking classes and lots gin on with the boys. My dinners will have to be super easy since I will have little time during the day and will most likely be tired at night!

Monday: Cauliflower tomato soup.  I have not made this one in a while an d it is super comforting and creamy!!! Maybe grilled cheese croutons for the boys....

Tuesday: Chicken tacos. Kids love for an easy Tacos Tuesday night, which works for me. I will make the chicken in slow cooker so I don't have to worry about it!!

Wednesday: Salmon pesto.  This is a really easy and delicious one!!! You combine all the ingredients in individual packets and done... Serve it with rice or caulirice and airfried broccoli.

Thursday: Impossible burger shepherd pie. Just something that is really easily put together. I love the impossible burger ground "meat" and will add some black beans, peas, spinach and sweet potatoes mash on top. I am basing on a classic that I have on the blog an jus improvising a little bit.

Friday: Oven baked cod with wine herb sauce from two peas and their pods cookbook. This looks so easy, you literals make an easy sauce, pour it on top of cod and cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes. I can make my mushroom, asparagus and tomatoes sheet pan at the same time and dinner will be ready in no time.

Saturday: Mushroom caulirice risotto. This is almost entirely done in the oven and ask fro little hands on, which is perfect after a long busy week when I am tired. If you don't like mushrooms, just use a different veggie, such as butternut squash, spinach, peas, asparagus,....

Sunday: Butternut squash arugula pizza. I never really want to cook on Sunday night, this one can be done with lavash, cauliflower pizza crust or traditional pizza dough (all can be store bought). This pizza only requires to put on all the toppings and bake, which is easy enough :)

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