Weekly meal plan

Oct 27 2019


I have kind of a relaxed week next week, not too much going on which is nice so I can plan my next cooking classes for November! The weather is finally getting more like fall around here so I can make more stews and comforting dinners! Time to get the slow cooker out!

Monday: simple chicken soup. The kids have been asking for chicken noodle soup for a while. I will make it with regular noodles for them and might add some zucchini noodles for me so I don't have the extra carbs. I like to start the week on a clean and healthy day, I feel that if I start my week right then it sets the tone for the rest! I am gonna try to make it in the crockpot, stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Tuesday: Glass noodles with bbq tofu, spinach and kimchiKids love these sweet potato glass noodles. I get all of these from the farmers market on Sunday, but I have seen that you can find similar products at Wholefoods market. This is just assembling the noodles with sautéed spinach, drizzling some soy sauce and sesame oil, finishing with the tofu (and kimchi for me).

Wednesday: Turkey chili.  This is a really easy and delicious one!!! It all goes in the slow cooker and dinner done!! I have all the toppings so kids can have fun and make it even more delicious.

Thursday: Shrimps and tomatoes, with garlic and basil. I am not sure if I will serve this on couscous (which my kids love) or maybe caulirice or brown rice. Some roasted broccoli will be great as a side dish here.

Friday: Pumpkin ravioli with butter sage. This is my craving! I will buy these at the store ( don't have time to make my own) cook then and serve with a butter sage sauce and some greens beans on the side. Maybe a nice leafy green salad as well would be great! I m tagging here a recipe for Delish that is my inspiration

Saturday: Copycat sweet green Harvest bowls. This is gonna be made with rotisserie chicken with fall roasted veggies on top of rice ( not sure if I will use black rice like here or regular). Anyway I love this recipe and am so excited to have found it so I can make it at home! I probably will roast the veggies during the eek so it is done and I don't have to worry about it that day.

Sunday: Pizza night. I never really want to cook on Sunday night, this is a fun DIY for the kids, I place all the toppings of the counter, if I want to keep it super easy we use lavash or flatbread. If I am up for it, I will buy pizza dough and help them to shape it. Either case all they have to do is assembling it and they love to do that.

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