Weekly meal plan

Nov 3 2019


This past week was so crazy with the fires all over LA and all... I am glad that everyone is back home and safe! In order to bring back things to normal, I am sharing this week's meal plan which will be super easy, comforting and delicious!

Monday: Turkey chili soup. I made turkey chili last week and have kept the leftovers in the freezer. I will simply add corn, peas and stock to create more of a soup consistency and done! This is why I love to prepare extra when I make this kind of dish, it keeps nicely in the freezer and always comes in handy when I need it!

Tuesday: Stir fry chicken and broccoliI grew up eating a lot of asian flavor food (I don't know why but there are so many asian restaurants in Brussels and it always was our go to with my mom). It still influences a lot my cooking to this day and kids like it as well. It is an easy way to clean up the fridge with veggies I have left. I will simply swap chicken for the beef in this recipe.

Wednesday: Scallops and quinoa pilaf.  This is the new recipe of the week. I have been craving scallops for a while, and combined with this quinoa and hazelnut pilaf, it is really a good mix of flavors! Tune in on Wednesday morning for full details and video.

Thursday: Slow cooker meatballs. I am not sure if I will serve this with pasta, rice or even maybe caulirice... Or mash potatoes... I will see depending on what the kids will feel like having! I love making meatballs in the slow cooker, it has so much flavor because everything has had time to combine nicely and gently!

Friday: Veggie lasagna. This is my craving! I can add in all my favorite veggies and no one complains because they just love a good lasagna! I might try using a different kind of pasta, maybe chickpea or something, I will share how it turned out!! I am swiping the turkey for beyond burger ground meat (to keep it plant based because I like taking a break from animal protein at least a couple of times a week) and I am also adding sliced zucchinis and tons of spinach and peas. I think a simple green salad on the side will be great to pair it with.

Saturday: Shabu shabu. Say what? This is a Japanese meal where you heat up a pot of veggie stock with tons of veggies and people can cook chicken in it or beef, then you can add udon noodles in the end and it has all the flavors form the things you've added along the way. It is a fun DIY dinner and really easy because everyone takes care of their own food. I am linking a recipe that seems relatively easy to follow and will  be my inspiration.

Sunday: Sunday night bowl.  I never really want to cook on Sunday night, this is a fun DIY for the kids, I place all the toppings of the counter, they start with a base of caulirice or brown rice (I have a rice cooker so it is really easy to cook grain) and add all the veggies. I might lots of cooked veggies leftover from the week and will simply grill or roast some salmon and maybe have these pickled cucumbers to add an extra flavor dimension.

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