Weekly meal plan

Nov 10 2019


Who is ready for the Holidays? I know I am always super excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is my fave time of the year! I will try to keep our dinner super simple and easy until then so I don't get overwhelmed before time...

Monday: Broccoli and parsnips. I am trying a new combination here, it sounds super delicious and I can't wait. I am linking  a recipe that I will base it on here so it gives you an idea, just change the pears for broccoli.

Tuesday: Quinoa fried rice. This is the easiest way to make dinner, you can do it with brown rice, white rice or  quinoa... Just throw in whatever veggies you have left, it goes well vegetarian or with chicken or beef, you choose!

Wednesday: Chicken pot pie with brown butter sage from Half baked Harvest . This is a recipe that I have been dying to try ever since  I received her cookbook, it looks so delicious! I usually use store bought puff pastry to make it easier!

Thursday: Sweet potato pumpkin shepherd pie. I am teaching two cooking classes this week so the last thing I want to day those day is an elaborate dinner! This is really delicious and easy way to get dinner ready in no time! I just have to cook some veggies and assemble the dish and done!

Friday: DIY pizza night. Best way to make dinner on a Friday night! I buy store pizza dough, all the fun toppings and sauces, and everyone gets buys and make their own pizza!

Saturday: Mac and Cheese with spinach and peas. This is a cleaned up version of mac and cheese that I love making. This time I am adding extra greens, I will incorporate spinach and peas and it is usually a success with both kids and hubby!

Sunday: Simply roasted chicken with salad and green beans.  Growing up, every Sunday, my grandma would make a roasted chicken with butter lettuce salad, homemade fries and apple sauce. To this day I can close my eyes and still smell it.... I like buying the chicken from the farmers market and roast it the same day, it just tastes amazing!! I think green beans will be easy enough, but if kids really want, I can make fries as well, we'll see!

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