Weekly meal plan

Nov 24 2019


Thanksgiving week is here, my favorite Holiday and so much delicious food to come... Since all week is going to be about prepping, baking, roasting, basting and more, I have to keep everything else super simple!

Monday: Lentil soupI haven't made this one a while and sounds perfect. I am going to use my pressure cooker to make this way faster than it is originally, since lentils take a while to cook. Maybe a nice salad to go with it, such as a roasted delicate squash, just to be in the Thanksgiving them already.

Tuesday: Mushroom caulirice risotto. I make it in the oven which is super easy and very little prep, so this is exactly what I need 2 days before thanksgiving!

Wednesday: Quiche and salad. Quiche is my go to when I need easy! I usually improvise depending on what I have in the fridge and serve it with a green salad of some sorts and a nice glass of red whine, very European, right? Jus missing the cheese and baguette, which I might possibly add...

Thursday:Thanksgiving Feast. I am so excited about this, I will make a traditional roasted turkey, butternut squash purée, simple endive salad, brussels sprouts and roasted root veggies. Stay tuned to see everything I make that day!

 Friday: Leftover Thanksgiving soup. I think I like leftovers even better than the actual feast!! I feel like everything tastes better, plus I don't have to do anything that day so I can really enjoy it all better! I am using my friend Pamela's recipe here very year and everybody loves it!!! I also make my own turkey broth for once because it tastes so good!

Saturday: Leftover shepherd pie.  The few days post feast is always about the leftovers and what to do with them, I will mostly have mash potatoes or sweet potato casserole, and turkey. I will not use ground turkey like in the recipe I attached but the leftover turkey with works great as well and is much easier. All I need is to get frozen peas and carrots, defrost them and add the layer and done!

Sunday: Sunday night leftover bowls. This will be the last of the leftovers night. It is like the kitchen sink bowl. I will sort of empty the fridge to make these and turn leftovers into a delicious dinner bowls. And then we will definitely need a break from Thanksgiving food!!!! I am attaching a great recipe inso if you need some guidance!!!

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