Weekly meal plan

Jan 5 2020


Happy new year guys! I am back at it, I needed a little break from this during the Holidays, but now I am here, full of yummy and good ideas for fresh recipes for the new year! For those who know me, you can see the detox and super clean January coming your way right... I will start the Goop annual detox tomorrow and will adapt it for my  family so everyone will get super clean food! I feel that after December, my body needs a break from alcohol, sugar and all the fancy food.... Honestly I do not find it difficult to achieve, it is even more like relief than anything else. Anyway here is what's going on fo this week. Who said that a detox can not be adapted for kids as well?

Monday: Chicken and caulifower soup. I am following the recipe and roasting the chicken today so I do not have much left to tomorrow. Really east dinner and aligned with my Monday night soup...

Tuesday: Roasted veggies bowls. Kids will need a bit  more than just the veggies, so I will cook some brown rice and add some ingredients on the side ( such as avocado, sautéed caulirice, edamame,...)  so they can make their own bowls.

Wednesday: Slow roasted salmon. Everyone loves salmon around here, so this needs no alteration, which makes my life easier!

Thursday: Creamy cashew and squash soup. This means two times soup this week, which works great for me... more veggies intake and easier dinner. I feel like i might have some reluctance from the kids so I

Friday: Veggie Moo Shu. My family loves stir fry, so this will be an easy sell, adding ground turkey and wild rice, or they can it it like mentioned in recipe with grain free tortillas...

Saturday: Vegetarian couscous. Trying to keep it easy this week and aligned with clean food, so this does the rick, right?!

Sunday: Butternut squash pizza. My favorite kind of Sunday night dinner, leftovers, frozen veggies, sautéing it all together, nd it always turns out super yummy....

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