Weekly meal plan

Jan 20 2020


Clean January is still in full mode... Keeping it as easy as possible as always with my new weekly recipe coming out on Wednesday!

Monday: Miso soup. Everyone loves this one and it is so easy to make, adding tofu and edamame for proteins and maybe adding a twist by throwing in some kind of noodles...

Tuesday: Chicken tacos. I haven't made this in a long time and my kids have been craving and asking tacos Tuesday, so here we go.I usually make guacamole, Spanish rice and black beans alongside. My husband who does not really love tacos will have a Mexican bowl with rice!

Wednesday: Creamy lemon spaghetti with spinach and chickpeas. New weekly video and recipe, this is a good one and I am really excited about it. I am using brown rice spaghetti since Marine is gluten free.

Thursday: Meatballs with Italian cauliflower rice. This is the cleaning the fridge kind of recipe, I will sauté some chopped veggies and cook then with cauliflower rice and add some tomatoes.

Friday:Ramen bowls. This is super easy for dinner, and also a kids request. I like this because I can twist it accordion got everyone's taste, I can make mine veggie loaded an easy on noodles, and add an egg. Kids usually love a chicken version with tons of noodles....

Saturday: Salmon burgers. This one is for me... Good news is that they all love it around here. I will have mine lettuce wrapped and make a nice broccoli slaw and maybe sweet potatoes fries with it....

Sunday: Sushi sandwiches, this is a recipe from Pamela Salzman's January class and I cannot wait to make them.... I have been dreaming of these ever since she posted it! I am posting a video that resembles hers but not as good.... Since she does not post it, I am sharing something that should help and give you good guidelines.

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